Vienna Beach Trophy 2023 Results & Pictures

August 9, 2023

This year’s edition of our traditional Vienna Beach Trophy on the 5th of August saw so much rain and wind in a day. 14 single women and non-binary –competing in a Queen of the Court Beach format – and 32 men & mixed teams took part in the beach volleyball tournament. The competition was hosted by Aufschlag Wien and Vienna’s Queer Melange and was held on 12 courts at beach volleyball centre Schmelz.

Unfortunately, the Queen of the Court tournament from the Queer Melange was called off due to heavy constant rain on that day.

The men and mixed‘ competitions still took place in four categories despite the bad weather. In level A, the highest category, the Prague team “Kuba and Dan” (Daniel and Jakub) made the first place. “Flasche Leer” (Tinu/SUI and Uli/AUT) gained the silver medal this time. The team “Powerplay” (Daniel/ESP and Christian/GER) won in B+. In B-, the Slowenien Team (Alen & Robert) received the gold medal, and in C, the team “Pfeppermint” (Rodolfo and Gernot) won gold.

At night, many medallists, participants, guests and friends of the tournament celebrated at the closing party organised by Männer im Garten at Volksgarten Pavillon.

The results in detail

Men &  Mixed Level A

  1. Kuba and Dan (Daniel/CZE and Jakub/CZE)
  2. Flasche Leer (Tinu/SUI and Uli/AUT)
  3. Tom Wanks&Tammi Salami (Mario/AUT and Michael/GER)

Men &  Mixed Level B+

  1. Powerplay (Daniel/ESP and Christian/GER)
  2. Xalapenos (Joel/SLO and Alexander/SLO)
  3. Oops! We hit it again. (Emre/GER and Christian/GER)
  4. Crop Top Cuties (Sascha/GER and Norman/GER)
  5. Double G on fire (György/HUN and Gerhard/AUT)
  6. Heidi & Heidi (Felix/SUI and Bayanjargal/MGL)
  7. It’s Britney beach! (Dalibor/AUT and Ralf/GER)
  8. Sickening Peaches (Florian/GER and Karim/SUI)

Men &  Mixed Level B-

  1. Longshoot (Alen/SLO and Robert/SLO)
  2. Working Class Heroes (Niki/AUT and Warren/AUT)
  3. Milk Chocolate (Ainsley/SUI and Lars-Ole/GER)
  4. Youth Tigers (Lukas/POL and Konstantin/AUT)
  5. Lotos Bratislava (Lubomir/SVK and Lubomir/SVK)
  6. Strandschlampen (Felix/GER and Lukas/GER)
  7. Twinklovers (Thomas/AUT and Michael Benjamin/AUT)
  8. Beach Sirens (Alexander/AUT and João Nuno/POR)
  9. Zimtschnecken (Benno/ITA and Maximilian/AUT)
  10. Kirmit & Tiffy (Steffen/GER and Donald/GER)
  11. Der Bogenschütze (Brian/USA and Bernd/GER)
  12. Sandy Vixens (Martin/AUT and  Razwan/ROU)
  13. Völlig Einfallslos (Andreas/AUT and Bernhard/AUT)
  14. Vice versa (Baki Burak/TUR and Halil Ibrahim/TUR)
  15. J&S (Simon/SLO and Jan/SLO)
  16. Way out (Daniel/SLO and Blaž/SLO)

Men &  Mixed Level C

  1. Pfeppermint (Rodolfo/GER and Gernot/AUT)
  2. Die Krankenschwestern (Florian/GER and Maximilian/GER)
  3. Spicy Vixens (Felix/AUT and Maximilian/AUT)
  4. biceps (Leonie/GER and Johanna/AUT)
  5. Soya (Sophie/AUT and Yana/BUL)

Detailed results are available hier: Vienna Beach Trophy 2023

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