Vienna Beach Trophy 2022 - Results & Photos

August 11, 2022

Vienna Beach Trophy 2022 Results & Fotos

This year’s edition of our traditional Vienna Beach Trophy on 6th of August saw a record number of participants. 14 single women – competing in a Queen of the Beach format – and 37 men teams took part in the beach volleyball tournament. The competition was hosted by Aufschlag Wien and Vienna’s Queer Melange and was held on 12 courts at beach volleyball centre Schmelz. The weather was quite ideal this time: 23 degrees C, albeit a bit windy.Among the 14 women, Nora, like in the two previous years, could win the most matches. She was followed by Maria and Babsi.The men's competitions took place in four categories. In level A, the highest category, the Austrian team “Bitch Boys” (Daniel and Stephan) made the first place. “Kuba and Dan” from Prague gained the silver medal this time. The team “Sky Ball Sukka” (Andre/GER and Andrei/BLR) won in B+. In B-, the third category, György and Gerhard (“Slower but less furious”) made the gold medal, and in C, the team “TU VOIS LITUNNIL” (Romain and Pawel) won gold.At night, many medallists, participants, guests and friends of the tournament celebrated at the closing party organised by Männer im Garten at Volksgarten Pavillon.

The results in detail


  1. Nora
  2. Maria
  3. Babsi
  4. Nicole
  5. Marine
  6. Anita, Sandra & Sarah
  7. Svenja/Nathi
  8. Désirée
  9. Doris/Kathi
  10. Lisa

Men Level A

  1. Bitch Boys (Daniel/AUT and Stephan/AUT)
  2. Kuba and Dan (Daniel/CZE and Jakub/CZE)
  3. every hole is a goal (Noah/AUT and Martin/SUI)
  4. Team Questo (Marko/FIN and Brandon/USA)
  5. Catch me, if you can (Michal/CZE and Radim/CZE)

Men Level B+

  1. Sky Ball Sukka (Andre/GER and Andrei/BLR)
  2. VSEEN (Sandi/SLO and Joel/MEX)
  3. Tammy Salami & Tom Wanks (Michael/GER and Mario/AUT)
  4. TooMuchPressure (Miroslav/CZE and David/CZE)
  5. Los Takeshitos (Roberto/BRA and Asuncion/PER)
  6. Beach Bitches Agatha & Barbara (Luboš/CZE and Martin/CZE)
  7. Cute Otters (Matěj/CZE and Lukas/CZE)
  8. Green & Gran (Dalibor/AUT and Matthias/AUT)
  9. Heidi & Heidi (Denis/SUI and Felix/SUI)
  10. Jenny from no Block (Emre/GER and Luis/VEN)
  11. Milk Chocolate (Ainsley/SUI and Lars/GER)
  12. Hopp Hopp (Michel/SUI and Stefan/SLO)

Men Level B-

  1. Slower but less furious (György/HUN and Gerhard/AUT)
  2. S*M*A*S*H (Sascha/GER and Norman/GER)
  3. Bye Bye Gravitation (Adrian/SUI and Matteo/ITA)
  4. YoLo (Lukasz/POL and Simon/SLO)
  5. Die Harmoniesüchtigen (Georg/AUT and Thomas/AUT)
  6. Greg a Roman (Grzegorz/POL and Roman/CZE)
  7. Davyynaa (Nghia/FRA and Davy/GER)
  8. Felices los 4 (Vanessa/MEX and Alejandro/COL)
  9. Missy & Schamalla (Donald/GER and Tommalla/GER)
  10. Steffen & Marc (Steffen/GER and Edu/PAN)
  11. Sandy Vixens (Martin/AUT and Razvan/ROU)
  12. Strandschlampen (Felix/GER and Lukas/GER)
  13. The Vileda Boyz (Daniel/SLO and Blaz/SLO)
  14. Bogenschütze (Bernd/GER and Brian/USA)

Men Level C

  1. TU VOIS LITUNNIL ? (Romain/BEL and Pawel/POL)
  2. Der Zirkus (Ivan/SVK and Dennis/SVK)
  3. Die Krankenschwestern (Maximilian/GER and Florian/GER)
  4. Lotos boys (Robert/SVK and Robert/SVK)
  5. The Daltons (Manuel/AUT and Leo/GER)
  6. Don't be sorry_be sexy (Sarkis/ARM and Erick/VEN)

Detailed results are available via Google Docs SpreadsheetDownload Vienna Beach Trophy 2022 - Results as pdf

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