Vienna Beach Trophy 2020 - Results

September 1, 2020

Vienna Beach Trophy 2020

The preparations for our traditional Vienna Beach Trophy, one of the largest LGBTIQ+ beach volleyball tournaments across Europe, took place under difficult conditions. Because of Covid-19, it was unclear during many weeks whether the tournament could happen or not.In the end, the VBT 2020 became real, and it was even larger than the edition in 2019. The matches were played on ten courts. After a break of several years, fortunately, a women's competition could take place again. Thanks to the cooperation with Vienna’s Queer Melange, the Viennese volleyball club for lesbians and (female) friends, 12 women played against each other in a Queen of the Beach format. Nora made the first place, followed by Denise and Maria & Nicole, who shared the third rank.The men's competitions were held in four categories. In sum, 26 teams fought for medals. In level A, the highest category, team “Guardians of the Gaylaxy” (Daniel and Stephan) gained gold. Team “Sulduz” (Dali and Hamed) made the first place in B+. In B-, the third category, it was the team of Thomas and Matthias (Ois wuascht) who won, and in C, the StrandSchlampen (Lukas and Felix) prevailed.The tournament took place under almost extreme weather conditions. Most of the time, it was very hot and humid, later a storm broke out and it rained during the last matches of the day. But all that did not spoil the mood of the participants.The results in detail: Women

  1. Nora
  2. Denise
  3. Maria & Nicole
  4. Babsi & Magda
  5. Barbara
  6. Anita
  7. Julia
  8. Angi
  9. Sarah
  10. Nathi

Men Level A

  1. Guardians of the Gaylaxy (Daniel/AUT and Stephan/AUT)
  2. Bier gewinnt (Christian/AUT and Philipp/AUT)
  3. Imoco Volley Vienna (Noah/AUT and Tinu/SUI)
  4. Kua and Dan (Daniel/CZE and Jakub/CZE)
  5. Catch me, if you can (Michal/CZE and Radim/CZE)
  6. Milk Chocolate (Ainsley/SUI and Lars/GER)

Men Level B+

  1. Sulduz (Dali/AUT and Hamed/IRI)
  2. Marianne und Michael (Mario/AUT and Michael/GER)
  3. Beach Bitches Agatha & Barbara (Luboš/CZE and Martin/CZE)
  4. Two Beautys and No Beast, Not Yet (Christoph/GER and Aleks/AUT)
  5. 2slow, 2 furious (György/HUN and Gerhard/AUT)

w.o. Argentoelana (Peter/AUT and Stefan/AUT)Men Level B-

  1. Ois wuascht (Thomas/AUT and Matthias/AUT)
  2. Die Harmoniesüchtigen! (Georg/AUT and Thomas/AUT)
  3. Conchitas Alegres (Jimmy/PER and Roberto/PER)
  4. S&M (Miha/SLO and Simon/SLO)
  5. Look Over There (Eduardo/PAN and Manuel/AUT)
  6. Way Out (Daniel/SLO and Blaz/AUT)
  7. Big Brothers (Joel/MEX and Alen/SLO)
  8. Old Schmetterhand (Lukasz/POL and Niki/AUT
  9. JaRo Alcedo (Roman/CZE and Jakub/CZE)
  10. Dick und Doof (Steffen/GER and Donald/BRA)
  11. Croissant (Corentin/FRA and Andreas/AUT)

Men Level C

  1. StrandSchlampen (Lukas/GER and Felix/GER)
  2. Team 96 (Ajdin/BIH and Razvan/ROU)
  3. Attack Pack (Harald/AUT and Martin/AUT)

Download all VBT 2020 Results as pdf

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