Vienna Beach Trophy 2019 - Results

August 27, 2019

Vienna Beach Trophy 2019

It was a hot day, that 24th of August, in many aspects. At more than 30 degrees, the Vienna Beach Trophy, our international beach volleyball tournament, gathered 25 teams practically from the whole globe. The competitions took place again at Beachvolleyballzentrum Schmelz. Medals were awarded in four categories. In level A, the highest category, team “Argentoelana” (Peter and Stefan from Austria) gained gold. After the matches, our sportsmen relaxed at the barbecue and at late night at the official closing party at Ken Club @ Fluc.

The results in detail:

Level A
  1. Argentoelana (Peter/AUT and Stefan/AUT)
  2. Honecker & Tito (Stefan/GER and Dalibor/AUT)
  3. Stracciatella (Per/SWE and Christopher/USA)
Level B+
  1. Beach Bitches Agatha & Barbara (Luboš/CZE and Martin/CZE)
  2. Catch me, if you can (Michal/CZE and Radim/CZE)
  3. Marianne und Michael (Michael/GER and Mario/AUT)
  4. M&M's (Martin/SUI and Valerie/AUT)
  5. Milk Chocolate (Ainsley/SUI and Lars/GER)
  6. Tigers (Vedran/CRO and Christoph/GER)
  7. Frangers (Jens/GER and Davy/FRA)
Level B-
  1. Slow, but furious (György/HUN and Gerhard/AUT)
  2. Double Trouble (Miha/SLO and Joel/MEX)
  3. POMMES (Eduardo/PAN and Manuel/AUT)
  4. One-Armed Wonders (Joe/CAN and Stefan/SVK)
  5. Berge und Meer (Markus/GER and Carsten/GER)
  6. Way Out (Daniel/SLO and Blaz/SLO)
  7. The noodles spaghetti twins (Federico/ITA and Christopher/HUN)
  8. Brazil_UK (Chris/GBR and Yrley/BRA)
  9. JaRo (Roman/CZE and Jakub/CZE)
  10. Dick und Doof (Steffen/GER and Donald/BRA)
  11. Eternal Flame (Georg/AUT and Wieland/AUT)
  12. 2Gay2play (Thomas/AUT and Daniel/ESP)
Level C
  1. Fratelli PiCCante (Lukasz/POL and Benno/AUT)
  2. Vienna Vixens (Felix/GER and Matija/AUT)
  3. Fisherman's Friends (Tobias/GER and Richard/AUT)

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