B for bronze, Bern and basketball. Basketball serve at the 2023 Euro Games in Switzerland

Isabella Kämmerer and Sophie Kindermann
September 19, 2023

Women* basketball has been serving the club for many years and in July 2023 we were proud participants at the Euro Games in Bern and played our first (!) competition.

An initial idea turned into a tournament trip with ten players and eight accompanying persons who worthily represented the club serve in the games against Bern, Berlin and an international team - consisting of players from all over Europe.

We dribbled, blocked, passed, threw baskets, and did our very best among the enthusiastic shouts of our accompaniments, who also heated up the invited atmosphere with cheers such as “serve - bämbämbäm - serve - bämbämbäm”.

After six games on two game days, we were able to secure the bronze medal and, in addition to the chic Euro Games medal, we are taking away even more sporting and team spirit from Bern, as well as the joy and joy of competition.

Here's to the Euro Games in Vienna next year! We're already looking forward to it!

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